“August is the Sunday of summer.”

It’s that time of year again…B is back to coaching and teaching and my offspring are back to school.


After almost over two months of me getting up early in the morning, taking a shower, and having a cup of coffee while the rest of the house slept, back to school is a rude awakening.

Morning chaos. H (8) and L (7) refusing to get out of bed, finally getting up, insisting they “have nothing to wear”, fighting over toothpaste, cereal bowls, who gets to feed the fucking dog, and suddenly not wanting to take the lunch they packed themselves the night before. OMG. STAHHHHP.

Then there’s B, who takes a good 45 minutes in the bathroom in the morning to I-don’t-know-what and shower. Gone are my peaceful mornings.

And gone are my little loves…back to new teachers, old friends, wall-ball, music class, assemblies, BFF’s, and enough after school activities to keep all of us busy.

H & L 

I’m so proud of these two. They are becoming such lovely humans with kind hearts, adventurous spirits, and snappy wit. Being their mom is one of the greatest joys.

Even when they drive me batshit crazy.


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