Piña Colada O’Clock

It’s only Tuesday and it has already been a painfully long week. I’m having a piña colada for the first time in years. I don’t usually do foo-foo drinks but I’ll admit, it tastes great.

This past weekend was a little rough. I went for a long hike in Glacier National Park on Sunday that really kicked my ass. I knew the terrain was rugged but I hadn’t planned on getting my period. Yea, I know, TMI…but this is my blog so deal with it. With my period comes severe cramps and stomach issues. Six miles into the hike and I couldn’t keep anything down. By the end of the 19 miles, I was famished, dehydrated and in shit shape. Feet covered in blisters, hands covered in blisters (from the hiking poles) and more emotionally deflated than I care to admit.

Narrow cliff-side trails and gorgeous views.

Being on single track trails typically works wonders on my mood. That didn’t happen. Despite being outside surrounded by gorgeous views, the day ate me alive. My husband spent most of the time hiking several hundred yards ahead of me, which normally wouldn’t phase me. However, I was already exhausted, in pain, and feeling lousy; him hiking so far ahead of me left me alone with my thoughts.

Me + alone with my thoughts = train wreck.

I self-destruct in these conditions. My mind gets the best of me and I fall apart mentally as well as physically. I spent a good 2 hours fighting back tears and trying to ignore the pain that was taking over every inch of me.  I just wanted to sit down and be done with it all.

The piña colada is making me lazy about wanting to finish this post. Ultimately, I found myself sitting on a dock waiting for the boat to come pick us up and take us back to the trailhead. It cut the hike short about 2 miles but saved me from losing my mind completely. I was sunburned, windburned, chafed, sore, dehydrated, deflated, and just DONE.

In reality, I should have stopped when I started getting sick. I’m a seasoned hiker and it was a rookie mistake to continue in those conditions. That said, I am also proud of myself for continuing. As miserable as I was…I would have been even more miserable if I had allowed myself to give in to the pain and my inner demons.

My vantage point when I got off the boat, plopped my sorry ass on a rock, and waited while my husband went to get our vehicle.

“Bring me two piña coladas…one for each hand…”


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